What is IDEEV?

IDEEV (Institute for the Diversity, Ecology and Evolution of the Living World) is a research federation, comprising four founder units and fifteen associated teams which are all located on the Gif/Orsay campus.

IDEEV’s main fields of research are ecology and evolution, involving a wide range of organisms such as prokaryotes (bacteria and archea) and eukaryotes (microorganisms, plants, fungi and animals). Several approaches are used, from quantitative genetics to functional ecology including biology, genetics and population genomics. Various levels are considered from genome to ecosystems, using high throughput sequencing technology. One of the main aims of the research conducted at IDEEV is to study the origins, preservation and evolution of biodiversity. This includes in particular the reaction of ecosystems and their associated species to environmental change, whether this is of anthropogenic origin or not.


IDEEV will move in a new building in the Moulon area. To see a video dedicated to the project, please click here.


A noter

In the framework of Fête de la Science 2021, IDEEV's laboratories, GQE-Le Moulon et EGCE,  and the Sciences des Plantes de Saclay (SPS) network, open six workshops about the theme « Parlons Bio » : workshops will be held at Université Paris-Saclay (building 301) and open sunday the 10 october afternoon. ESE laboratory welcomes visitors in its location. Entertainments are proposed.

Université Saclay