Evolution of the exposed polysaccharide gene clusters in the Pelagibacterales - Did John Maynard-Smith get it right for prokaryotes?

 Francisco Rodriguez-Valera, Universidad Miguel Hernandez, Spain
 IDEEV - Salle Rosalind Franklin

Pioneer in the fields of genomics and metagenomics in Europe and among the leading researchers in the world in this field. He studied the first metagenomes of the Mediterranean Sea, the Amazon river, the Caspian and Lake Baikal.

He discovered the first clear evidence of the existence of CRISPR in Archaea during the ‘90s, has contributed multiple new genomes of aquatic and marine microbes and has promoted the development of genomics in different continents. His theory of “Constant Diversity” explains how clonal diversity in microbial species is maintained through viral predation.

During recent years he has been organizing the “Metagenomics Forum” in which the last developments in the field are discussed weekly. He is also studying diverse aspects of microbial pangenomes.