Sophie NADOT

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 Diversité et évolution des plantes
 UPSay, Professeur
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Research interests

Through phylogenetic approaches, my aim is to characterize the patterns of evolution of flower form and pollen and identify the various factors that might have shaped the diversification of forms.

Pollen – In collaboration with Beatrice Albert at ESE, I study the diversity of microsporogenesis (male meiosis) in flowering plants, to understand how this diversity is distributed and how it has evolved. I have a special interest in monocots and basal angiosperms, which display a remarkable diversity in the features of microsporogenesis.

PhD students: Past: Laurent Penet (2004, co-supervised with B. Albert), Julie Sannier (2006, co-supervised with B. Albert), Zohreh Tograneghar (co-supervised with B. Albert).

Flower – In collaboration with Catherine Damerval at GQE Le Moulon and Hervé Sauquet (formerly at ESE, now at the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney), I study the evolution of selected floral traits using a phylogenetic approach, with a special interest in the perianth and the androecium. PhD students: Past: Roxana Yockteng (2003), Florian Jabbour (2009, co-supervised with C. Damerval, GQE Le Moulon), Elodie Alapetite (2013), Elisabeth Reyes (2016, co-supervised with Hervé Sauquet) Current: Laetitia Carrive, Felipe Espinosa (co-supervised with Florian Jabbour, ISYEB – MNHN)

Plant-pollinator interactions – In collaboration with Tatiana Souza-Chies, from University Federal do Rio Grande do Sul in Brasil, we used a phylogenetic approach to study the evolution of oil pollination in angiosperms, using as a model group the family Iridaceae. With Bruno Colas (ESE, team TESS), Colin Fontaine, Nathalie Machon (CESCO – MNHN) and Isabelle Dajoz (iEES Paris) we study the impact of urbanisation on plant and pollinating insect communities.

PhD students: Past: Olivier Chauveau (2012), James Desaegher (2017, co-supervised with Bruno Colas)

I also co-supervised the PhD project of Ana Cristina Torres (2017) with Anne-Caroline Prévot (CESCO – MNHN) on the socio-ecological roles of community gardens. Laboratoire Ecologie, Systématique et Evolution Teaching

Systematic botany, field botany, sustainable development

Coordination: Licence professionnelle ECOPUR (Ecopaysage végétal urbain) in partnership with Ecole du Breuil (Paris) and Paris Museum of Natural History. Parcours de M2 Approche écologique du paysage (mention Biodiversité, Ecologie, Evolution) Laboratoire Ecologie, Systématique et Evolution

Career path

  • 2010 Professor – Université Paris Sud
  • 2005 Habilitation à Diriger les Recherches – Université Paris-Sud 11
  • 1996 Assistant Professor – Université Paris-Sud 11
  • 1994-1996 Senior Research Associate – University of East Anglia (Norwich, GB), school of Environmental Sciences
  • 1994 PhD – Université Paris-Sud 11
  • Laboratoire Ecologie, Systématique et Evolution