Hybrid performance in maize: from the study of complementarity between heterotic groups to genomic prediction

Thesis defense
 Aurélien Beugnot, Doctoral School #581, agriculture, food, biology, environnement, health (ABIES)
 IDEEV Building - Rosalind Franklin Room

Thesis prepared within the GQE research unit(s), Quantitative Genetics and Selection Methodology team ( GQMS ), under the supervision of Laurence Moreau, Senior scientist, co-supervision of Julie Fiévet, Lecturer, and the joint supervision of Alain Charcosset, and Tristan Mary-Huard, Senior scientists.


  • Christine Dillmann, Professor, Université Paris-Saclay, Chairwoman
  • Jacques DAVID, Professor, L’institut Agro Montpellier, Rapporteur
  • Vincent SEGURA, Scientist, INRAE (centre Occitanie-Montpellier), Rapporteur
  • Guillaume RAMSTEIN, Lecturer, Aarhus University, Examiner