Scientific mediation activities carried out by the SPS network

 Pierre Hilson and Océane Durand
 IDEEV - Salle Rosalind Franklin

The Plants and Society working group of the Saclay Plant Sciences Network (SPS) develops scientific mediation activities for students and the general public. These activities aim to explain the biology of plants and their impacts on our societies. They also illustrate how the research carried out in SPS labs contribute to the growth of fundamental and applied knowledge, innovation and plant breeding.

SPS has initiated several programs in this context since 2020, including videoconference discussions on careers in research, training courses for biology teachers and visits of school groups (14-18 years old) in our laboratories. More recently, we have started the development of a role-playing game about genome editing and the construction of a survey aiming at better understanding the cultural representations and aspirations of French adolescents regarding living things, agriculture, agricultural production methods and food behaviors.

The seminar will be an opportunity to present these activities to the IDEEV members, invite you to participate and gather your comments and suggestions regarding scientific mediation in general and specific initiatives you would like to participate in.

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