P. roqueforti’s diversity needs help


*P. roqueforti*'s diversity needs help

Human beings domesticated dogs starting from wolves and also domesticated plants or yeasts to make wine and bier. He also domesticated molds to make cheese. However diversity of these molds decreased drastically because applied selection was too strong especially in Penicillium roqueforti characteristic of blue cheese. Recent studies indicated that a new population of molds with a larger diversity was present in blue cheese named Termignon in the Alps.

The article by Tatiana Giraud (ESE) and coworkers about this Termignonpopulation was published in Evolutionary Applications:

Crequer E, Ropars J, Jany JL, Caron T, Coton M, Snirc A, Vernadet JP, Branca A, Giraud T, Coton E. (2023) A new cheese population in Penicillium roqueforti and adaptation of the five populations to their ecological niche. Evolutionary Applications, 8 (16) 1438-1457