Colloque ETEE2023


Colloque ETEE2023

Colloque ETEE2023   : inscription jusqu’au 5 septembre 2023.

The deadline for ETEE 2023   registration and submission of abstract (Empirism and Theory in Ecology and Evolution) is September 5th.

ETEE 2023 will take place at ENS Paris-Saclay, just a stone’s throw away from our newly established IDEEV building   . The conference will kick off in the early afternoon on November 13th and conclude on November 15th. ETEE 2023   promises to be a small-scale gathering, with around 100 attendees, creating the perfect environment for meaningful discussions and collaboration opportunities. ETEE 2023 is also the annual conference of the GDR “Interdisciplinary Approach to Molecular Evolution” (AIEM), which brings together the community in population genetics, modeling, molecular evolution to address a range of fundamental questions in evolutionary biology, and to stimulate discussions on philosophical and historical perspectives within this field.

This year, the conference is co-financed by the Center for Interdisciplinary studies on Biodiversity, Agroecology, Society and Climate (C-BASC), and we aim to deliver into the intriguing realms of Agroecology and Society as well. The primary objective of this meetings is to foster informal exchanges in these highly interdisciplinary fields and encourage young scientists to present their research work. While the conference aims to be free of charge, registration is mandatory.