GEvAD - Genomics, Evolution and Adaptation of Domesticated plants

 17/12/2022 -  GQE
Investigating the mechanisms that have accompanied the evolution of crops from their domestication to their diffusion and adaptation to a diversity of environments

Head :
Maud Tenaillon (CNRS)

Genomics, Evolution and Adaptation of Domesticated plants

From the characterization of patterns of genomic diversity of domesticated plants and their wild relatives : we study the demographic and selective histories that have accompanied the emergence and diffusion of crops; we examine the dynamics of their genomes; we characterize the molecular bases of their adaptations; we investigate gene flow between wild and domestic forms, as well as the consequences of interspecific hybridization at the origin of many allopolyploid crops. We use an integrative approach combining bioinformatics, molecular tools, phenotype measurements, population genomics and statistical modeling. Professors of the team teach courses in evolution, population genetics and quantitative, plant genomics, plant breeding, biostatistics at AgroParisTech and Université Paris-Saclay.


Emergence and diffusion of crops

Local adaptation - How to define adaptive syndromes? What are the loci displaying footprints of spatially-varying selection? Are these loci associated to phenotypic, transcriptomic, epigenetic variation?
Pangenomics and adaptation - What are the molecular mechanisms at the origin of structural variants (transposable elements, presence-absence of genes/large genomic regions)? How do they evolve? What is their role in adaptive processes? What is the function of dispensable genes?
DNA Methylation and Adaptive Responses - What is the impact of environmental constraints on the methylome? Which regulatory pathways are involved? How do DNA methylation perturbations translate at the phenotype level?
Adaptive responses of gene regulatory networks - What is the dynamic of the adaptive response of populations undergoing a combination of environmental constraints ? What is the impact of selection on the rewiring of gene regulatory networks? What is the link between network structures and phenotypic responses? \

Impact of human-mediated selection on cooperative biotic interactions

Reproductive success of floral morphs - How does floral dimorphism impact plant-pollinator interactions, plant mating system and fitness?
Maize-Bean coculture - What are the American origins of intercropped maize and bean landraces in Europe? What are the genetic determinants of the success of this crop association? \

Crosstalks between wild and domesticates

Genomic consequences of interspecific hybridization - What is molecular response to allopolyploidy (activation of transposable elements, gene and small non-coding RNA expression)? What is the impact of allopolyploidy-triggered structural variations on the repertoire of micro RNAs? Can we characterize the relationships between structural and functional changes?
Adaptive introgression between wild and cultivated forms - How did introgressions between forms shape their genomes? What is the genomic architecture of these introgressions? What is the contribution of TEs to genomic structure of species complex?
Reproductive isolation between wild and cultivated forms - What is the extent of reproductive barriers? What are the links between these barriers and the levels of historical, genomic, phenotypic divergence? What are their molecular determinants? \



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