Dominique Joly (EGCE) received the "Médaille du Mérite" the 27 of February from Stéphanie Thiébault, head of INEE, CNRS. The ceremony was held in the CNRS campus at Paris-Michel-Ange.

Tatiana Giraud (ESE) received the Grand Prix scientifique de la Fondation Louis D the 7th of June 2017 at the French Institute


Franck Courchamp (ESE) was interviewed by the newspapper "Le Monde" ( The article traces the carreer of Franck Courchamp and mentions his new outreach project, "Insignificant" which tackles the palce of humans in the universe.

IDEEV supports "Marche pour les Sciences" the 22th of april 2017.


Joanne Clavel produced a film on biodiversity based on an interdisciplinary research project  of Joanne Clavel, Tatiana Giraud (ESE) and Virginie Maris.

This film offers a talk on biodiversity with the pupils of the 4ème class of the collège of Saint-Denis (93). What is their knowledge on biodiversity, its role and its protection?

You will know by reviewing the film at:



The team "Ecophysiologie végétale" at ESE made an internet site dedicated to the Barbeau experimental platform located at Fontaine-le-Port (77).

You can access the site at the following address:

Any questions?: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.