Plant Biology Europe 2023


Plant Biology Europe 2023

Plant Biology Europe, the meeting of the Federation of European Societies for Plant Biology   will be held in Marseille 3-6 july 2023. Registrations are now open   .

The Scientific Committee constituted by L. Laplaze, Y. Coudert, J. Casacuberta, L. de Gara, M. Lascoux, X. Johnson, S. Coelho, M. Grelon, J. Lothier, M. Tenaillon & C. Robaglia is happy to give you a preview of the program:

12 Keynotes:

  • Gene DNA methylation in plants: Selective pressures and sex chromosome evolution (A. Muyle).
  • Uncovering the hidden half of plants: discovering novel ways roots sense and adapt to heterogeneous environments (M. Bennett).
  • Structure, function and host control of the rhizosphere microbiota (D. Bulgarelli).
  • How to conquer a plant using just eight genes: learning from geminiviruses (R. Lozano-Duran).
  • Controlling communication during reproductive development: The genesis and roles of apoplastic barriers (G. Ingram).
  • Arabidopsis thaliana natural variation for photosynthesis: a model to guide improving crop photosynthesis? (M. Aarts).
  • Getting organised - the (re)evolution of fertility after genome duplication (K. Bomblies).
  • Learning to build and interrogate the pangenome of Brachypodium distachyon (B. Contreras-Moreira).
  • A central role of root symbionts: the plant response to environmental stresses (R. Balestrini).
  • P-bodies and post-transcriptional gene regulation in plant reproduction and stress response (K. Riha).
  • Polygenic selection and the evolution of gene expression in Arabidopsis lyrata (J. de Meaux).
  • Plasticity of root permeability for nutrient acquisition (M. Barberon).

18 sessions: chaired by keynotes, members of the SC and other contributors (B. Landrein, F. Roux, I. Reeyna-Llorens, L. Quadrana, B. Field) will cover a broad range of topics including Biomechanics, Comparative genomics, Chromosome dynamics, Domestication, Epigenetics, Nutrition, Organella, Development, Microbiota, Stress responses, Photosynthesis, Reproduction, Immunity, Synthetic biology, Quantitative genetics, Plant-plant interactions.

A round table on PlantACT! A Think Tank of plant science experts to tackle climate change   .